Erin M. O’Toole has a reputation as a prominent trial attorney who has tried fifty-nine jury trials and over 200 bench trials serving clients throughout Florida, and is conveniently located in the Tampa Bay area. 

We pride ourselves on being more than a conventional law firm. Our office works closely with you to provide the attention to give the most effective legal and personalized experience possible.

Our Mission

When legal issues threaten to overwhelm your life and business, you need an attorney who will listen to your problems and help you achieve the results you seek, I will take the time to understand how the situation that brought you to the firm is affecting your life. With 30 years of legal experience, I can accurately dissect even the most complicated of legal issues and create a unique strategy designed to produce a favorable outcome. 

Legal counselor takes decisive action to protect clients’ interests

When you have a legal issue, you need knowledgeable guidance and clear answers to make sound decisions. I am dedicated to providing the highest quality legal support to clients and giving them the benefit of a lawyer with the following qualities:

  • Effective settlement negotiation — Resolving cases outside of the courtroom often leads to better overall outcomes, and I am highly skilled at negotiating in a manner that secures positive solutions for my clients.
  • Filing a lawsuit to fight for your rights in court  Understanding our client, their needs and goals along with thorough investigation of the facts and preparation is how I successfully represent our clients.  
  • Track record of successful decisions — I develop comprehensive and effective strategies to fit the needs of each client and consistently produce good results.
  • Knowledge of relevant courts — Having decades of litigation experience, I understand the nuances of handling issues throughout Florida courts and know how to keep your case running smoothly.
  • Treat our clients with honesty and respect, and are mindful of each client’s goals and needs.
  • Knowledge of how to deal with opposing counsel’s tactics and futile discovery requests.
  • We understand litigation is expensive, and work to keep fees as reasonable as possible.    

Selecting an attorney is a significant decision, and you can rely on the fact that I will give you focused legal support throughout your case.

The longer a legal issue is allowed to fester, the more likely complications and delays will arise. I take my role as your legal representative seriously and will pursue the best available path to reach your goals.

Accomplished advocate provides effective and strong representation to residents and businesses

Working with a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney can greatly increase your chances of obtaining a successful outcome, and I deliver attentive and zealous representation in the following legal fields:

  • Business law — Without knowledgeable counsel, companies can find themselves in difficult and damaging legal situations. I represent companies of all sizes and industries in business law matters, including business litigation, and know how to anticipate and overcome challenges that could impact your organization’s success.
  • Probate Litigation — If you suspect that a will is fraudulent or invalid, or that an estate is being mismanaged, you have a right to seek remedy in court. 
  • Family law — One-size-fits-all solutions rarely work in family law cases because the dynamics of each household are unique. To produce sustainable resolutions, I develop creative and tailored approaches in every domestic matter my firm handles, including divorce trials and mediations, and will work to get the results you need to move forward.

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At Erin M. O’Toole, L.L.C., I represent clients throughout the St. Petersburg area in a variety of business law and family law matters. Please call (727) 888-9218 or contact me online to schedule a consultation and learn how my approach could benefit you.