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Administrative Law & Professional Licensing Matters

An administration investigation and complaint can critically impact the ability of a professional to earn a living or continue practicing.  A professional spends a lot of time and expense in obtaining his or her license, and it is important to have experienced representation on your side when defending professional licensing cases. 

Our office has represented doctors, dentists and their employees in administrative investigations, Board of Medicine hearings, peer review actions, Board of Dentistry cases, Department of Health investigations, as well as administrative hearings where a career or professional license is at risk of being suspended or revoked.  If your license or career is at risk, entrust our office to aggressively defend your rights, as well as your livelihood.

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Hiring legal counsel that practices according to the differing rules and procedures in administrative cases is extremely important. Many clients are unaware of their right to documents and pre-trial discovery as part of the process. Clients are also commonly shocked to learn that prior to an administrative hearing, due process requires that the factual basis for discipline must be set out in sufficient detail to apprise a party of what is at issue as part of the administrative case. The differing rules for administrative and licensing cases also means that different types of evidence are admissible that would not be permitted in a courtroom setting. Our office will provide you with an aggressive strategy for presenting your case in the administrative arena.

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